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Mosey on down to the Kids' Corral, where children and parents can double their fun with activities that spur creativity while teaching valuable lessons.

All ages find delight in something at the Warren County Farmer’s Fair, but every year the Fair proves to be a special wonder to children. Be sure to visit The Kids’ Corral children activity area with your children for some educational fun, clowning around and educational demonstrations.

Check back for details as we try to adapt the Kids Corral to conform with Covid restrictions.

The Kids' Corral is open during the Fair hours.

All activities in the tent are free of charge to fair attendees.


Thanks to our past sponsors & supporters

• Washington One Stop
• ShopRite of Greenwich
Land of Make Believe

* Harmony Lions Club
• Readington Farms
• Harmony Clean Communities
• Eleanor Miller
• Crayola
• Rosa Iannitelli
• M-Power Yoga
Unity Bank


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