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Support the 4H Teen Council at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair


One of the older and more distinctive buildings at the Warren County Farmer’s Fair is the 4-H Milk Booth.  The milk booth sits in the main square, opposite the Fair Office and the Warren Grange No. 110.  You know, the one that looks like it’s wearing a cow.

The building has been there for the past 25 years and used by the Warren County 4-H to raise money to fund their local activities.  The sales of ice cream and beverages is the Warren County 4-H Teen Council’s main fund raiser.

Before they had the building, the 4-H sold milk, chocolate milk and waffles with ice cream out of a small corner they had in the FFA building.  From milk and waffles with ice cream, they have expanded in recent decades to sell several ice cream products, and, of course, they still sell milk.

The Warren County 4-H Teen Council has run the booth for most of the past 30 years.  The current focus of the Teen Council is their TRAIL Program.  TRAIL stands for Teen Russian-American International Leadership and the goal of TRAIL is to help 4-H to gain more international acceptance.  TRAIL supports student exchange between Russia and Warren County.  This program, in it’s infancy, has already received regional and national attention within 4-H.

Don’t forget to visit the 4-H Milk Booth during your visit to the fair.  By doing so, you support a fantastic youth leadership program.  Their prices for ice cream and beverages are very reasonable and they even have those little ice cream cups with the wooden sticks that make the ice cream taste so much better. 

So, please come out and support the Warren County 4-H.  The Warren County 4-H has been an integral part of the Warren County Farmer’s Fair since the fair’s inception and is instrumental in shaping our leaders of tomorrow.


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