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Support the 4H Teen Council at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair



The 4-H Teen Council is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new building known as the Milk Booth for the 2019 fair! Selling milk shakes has revitalized their fund raising efforts to allow them many leadership opportunities through out the year. Their efforts include: hosting an international camp program at the end of August with Russia, Italy, Azerbaijan, and Austria to name a few countries.


They also participated in a North Jersey Teen Conference where they learn about leadership, citizenship, and complete a community service project. The 4-H Teen Council Milk Booth sells several flavors of milk shakes as well as root beer and coke floats, as well as water and milk! Please stop by and meet these industrious young people and learn about their experiences this year and how it's helped build a solid foundation to become caring, competent citizens of the world!


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