Updated 4/23/2014 – ALL NEW – Kids Rodeo Roundup


Rules and regulations for each of the following competitions can be obtained at:
Warren County Farmers' Fair Office
165 Co. RT 519 South
Belvidere, NJ 07823

Requests via email: info@warrencountyfarmersfair.org - specify word doc or pdf file to receive electronically, or supply mailing address or fax number to receive by mail or fax.


To Download rules, select link below:

Agricultural Olympics Rules and Regs 2013

Antique Car Show 2013

Antique Tractor Pulling Contest 2013
Antique Tractor Pulling Entry Form 2013

Antique Tractor Show Rules and Regs 2013
Antique Tractor Show Registration Form 2013

ATV Mud Bog Rules and Regs 2013
ATV Mud Bog Registration Form 2013

Baby Crawling Contest Rules and Regs 2013

Baking Contest, Youth & Adult 2013

Beef & Steer Show, Open Rules & Regs 2013
Beef & Steer Show Entry Form 2013

Big Wheel Competition 2013

Building Watch Form 2013
Building Watch Application 2013

BBQ Ribs Cook Off 2013
Registration Form – Amateur
Participants must fill out the registration form as well as a copy of the health department's application form and review their guidelines; which you can obtain from the Fair office or by emailing Milly Rice at marnavy@hotmail.com

Canning Rules and Regs 2013
Entry Form 2013

The County Library in Belvidere has a current copy of the Bell Blue Book if anyone needs a reference.

Color Breed Show, Open 2013

Country Idol Contest 2014

Cutest Baby Contest 2013

Demolition Derby Compact Class
2013 - updated 7/19/2013
Demolition Derby Limited Weld Class 2013
Demolition Derby Pro-Mod Class 2013
Demolition Derby Registration Form 2013

NJ State Derby Rules and Regs 2013

Egg Decorating, Youth 2013
Egg Show, Backyard Farmer, Rules and Regs

Fair Queen & Princess Rules and Regs 2014
Fair Queen & Princess Applications 2014

Farmers Tractor Pull 2013

Fine Arts & Crafts 2014
Fine Arts Reg Form

Fire Apparatus Show/Display 2013

Flower Show Youth & Adult 2013

Fruit Show, Open 2013

Garden Tractor Pull, Junior 2013
Garden Tractor Pull, Junior Reg Form 2013
Garden Tractor Pull, Junior Disclaimer 2013

Garden Tractor Pull, Adult 2013

Garden Tractor Pull, Adult Reg Form 2013
Garden Tractor Pull, Adult Disclaimer 2013

Handwork 2014
Handwork Entry Form

Hay Bale Rolling Contest 2013
Hay Bale Rolling Reg. form 2013

Hay Show and Silage Show 2013

Herb Show, Open 2013

Holstein Rules and Regs 2013
Holstein Entry Form

Honey Show 2013

Horse Show, Costume Class, Open 2013

Horse Show, Open, Rules & Regs, Reg Form, Schedule & Disclaimer 2014

Hot Stock Tractor Pull 2013 Coming soon

Kiddie Pedal Pull 2013

Kids' Corral Contests

     Egg Relay 2013

     Fear Factor Veggie Style Contest 2013

     Pie Eating Contest 2013

     Saltine Cracker Eating Contest 2013

     Soaker Relay 2013

     Watermelon Eating Contest 2013

NEW Kids Rodeo Roundup 2014

Mr. Warren County 2013
Ms. Warren County 2013

NEW Motorcycle Show 2013

Mud Bog Rules & Regs 2013
Mud Bog Registration Form
Sponsored By OK Auto & 4WD and H & K and Sons

Pet Show, Open 2013

Photo Contest 2014
Photo Contest Entry Form

Quoits Tournamentwww.quoitsdirect.com for rules of the game, email coach_turdo@yahoo.com or crush@enter.net.

Scarecrow Contest 2013

Scrapbooking 2014
Scrapbooking Entry Form

Seeing Eye Dog Competition, Open 2013
Registration Form 2013

Sunflower Contest 2013

Talent Show - must pre-register 2014
Talent Show Reg Form 2014

Teen Contests 2014

Tractor Obstacle Course, Youth (Pedal Tractor) 2013

Truck Pull Rules & Regs. 2013
Truck Pull Registration Form 2013
Sponsored By OK Auto 4WD & Tire

Truck Show Rules and Registration Form 2013
Truck Show Poster

Warren Hills FFA Alumni Car Show Rules and Regs 2013

Warren Hills Wrestling Club Annual Tournament 2013

Vegetable Show Rules and Regs 2013

Vegetable Contest – Hoser's Heaviest Vegetable Contest 2013