Posted 7/2013


The Incredible Bicycle Balloon Race at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair Welcomes Rider with Incredible Story

Imagine being so proud of what you’ve accomplished and what you do with your life, but you don’t tell anyone, or at least many, if any friends and acquaintances because they often are dubious of your story. You don’t need to imagine it if your Brian Rich. This is what he lives with every day. A quiet man helping others – who has gotten some wonderful opportunities but rarely discusses them. Ask him about his mission and you’ll hear plenty.

Brian’s latest adventure will have him riding in a hot air balloon with his recumbent bike strapped to the outside of the basket with bungee cords dropping him off in the middle of Warren County to find his way back to the Warren County Farmers’ Fair on Wednesday July 31st. This year the Bicycle Balloon Race will donate all registration fees to Adopt A Soldier Platoon.



Veterans Still Serving Their Community

Legionnaires from The American Legion, Carl D. Archer Post 528 of White Twsp. are adding another night of volunteering this year at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair to their repertoire.

A great ‘squad or company’ of veterans volunteer proudly each year to help with the following events at the Farmers’ Fair. Their week starts on Saturday, July 27 at 12:30pm on the dance floor with set up and registration for the Big Wheel race at 1pm, which we started in 1989. We average 40-50 children, ages one thru eight years old. Many come back year after year racing toward the checkered flag hoping to have the shortest time which would ensure them the gold medal and blue ribbon. We give out awards ranging from 1st thru 5th place with flags for everyone and other goodies gathered from Fair vendors. For the past three years we have added tickets from the Land of Make Believe (special thanks to Chris Maier) as well as candy from Mars Chocolate USA to the winner’s goody bag.



Feel Like a Kid Again at the Warren County Farmers’ Fair and Hot Air Balloon Festival

Mark your calendar for the 76th annual Warren County Farmers’ Fair featuring the Hot Air Balloon Festival, from Saturday, July 27 to Saturday, August 3, 2013. No matter what age or what your likes are, you are bound to find something interest at this charming old-time country fair. A visit to the fair may even make you feel like a kid again. There are plenty of animal exhibits that will bring back memories of visiting a petting zoo for the first time. And what boy or girl doesn’t like antique tractors or cars. The classic cars in our numerous car shows are probably what your parents showed off as new driving around the neighborhood.

The Fair is nostalgic for many that visit. For some it feels like they have gone back in time. Admission prices are even pleasantly low for today’s day and age at $6 for an adult, $4 for children ages 5-12.