Posted 1/13/2017


80th Annual Warren County Farmers’ Fair Planning Fair Queen Reunion

This year marks the 80th year of the Warren County Farmers’ Fair. The Fair Queen Contest is a tradition at the Fair that dates back to 1953. Originally the contest was known as the Dairy Queen Contest, and changed to the Fair Queen Contest in 1961.

The Fair Queen Committee is seeking former Queens for a reunion to be held on Wednesday, August 2. Each returning Queen will be introduced on stage and have opportunity to tell a little about themselves. Sashes will be supplied for each Queen as they are invited to stroll the grounds. All are welcomed to bring their tiaras, should they still have them.

Following is a list of Past Fair Queens:

1953 Betty Trout Pulaski

1954 Ethel Hoser Sutphin

1955 Lydia Gobbi Gourvitz

1956 Bernice May Smith

1957 Beverly Rush Sacks

1958 Emily Nemeth Bradley

1959 Barbara Esposito

1960 Millie Dowling Sanders

1961 Marjorie Frey Gaisler

1962 Nancy Shafer Hausamann

1963 Jane Race Rhinehart

1964 Peggy Hagenbuch

1965 Janet Ulmer Osterstock

1966 Diane Popinko Leh

1967 Phyllis Pierson Montilone

1968 Bonnie Ervey Farrar

1969 Shari Guest

1970 Gail LoPresti Rose

1971 Michele Doncheski Bergsma

1972 Pauline Guiler Leupo

1973 Ellen Lipman

1974 Rebecca Rosenkraus Hicks

1975 Lorinda Sisco

1976 Tracy Green Duncan

1977 Sherry Figured Wheeler

1978 Tracy Leal Quinn

1979 Jill Crawn Trimmer

1980 Nancy Eichlin Mason

1981 Sharon Kehoe Amato

1982 Krystine Lehner Quinteros

1983 Doreen Williams

1984 Virginia Carita

1985 Krysia Lehner Quinteros (Ms. Warren County)

1986 Valerie Cook

1987 Elizabeth Kay

1988 Michelle Lightner

1989 Lee Ann Fox

1990 Mary Ellen Makarevich

1991 Abigail Crouse Postma

1992 Rebecca Rush Clanton

1993 Susan Russ Maxwell

1994 Holly Chamberlain Washburn

1995 Jennifer Sandry Montella

1996 Jenna Caldwell Yudichak

1997 Cheryl Machleder

1998 Victoria Bariexca Demarest

1999 Jessica Scott

2000 Heather Johnson

2001 Mary Cryan

2002 Karry Kopack

2003 Susan Stecker

2004 Layla Goordman

2005 Megan Everswick

2006 Emmalee Cougle

2007 Megan Kinney

2008 Vickie Anema

2009 Callie Hart

2010 Courtney Sodtalbers

2011 Rachel Danitz

2012 Anna Matthews

2013 Jeanette Toretta

2014 Ryleigh Semanchik

2015 Jessica Ervey

2016 Kaitlyn Tallamay

If you know or have any information on past Queens, please contact the Fair by email at; by mail at 165 County Route 519 S., Belvidere, NJ 07823, or by calling Ann at 908-852-7644 or 201-874-2390.